Friday, June 4, 2010

Künstler/Artists for Moabit Kulturtage Sofa Sessions

Sofa Sessions showcases Berlin's best local and international indie pop, folk and rock singer-songwriters, pairing them with great poets and visual artists.

Sofa Sessions debuts for the Moabit Kulturtage festival Juni 18-20, 2010. All sessions are 5€. Drinks available. Children welcome.

To reserve your place, please email with your preferred date/s.

Freitag 18. Juni - Eric Eckhart (USA), Simon Eugene (UK), Mesalina Trio (De/Aus/Swe) and poets mr oCean (AUS) and Gaby Bila-Günther (De/Aus) um 20 Uhr.

Samstag 19. Juni - Wasp Summer (AUS), Kiki Brunner (DE), Bocage (FRA) and poet Maria Maddalena (It) um 14 Uhr.

Sonntag 20. Juni - Miranda Gjerstad (SWE), Christina Maria (CH), Grand Salvo (Aus) and poet Daniel Hoth um 14 Uhr.

Visual art is from Christina Fischer (USA), Leena McCall (UK), Neil Leslie (UK), Gaby Bila-Günther (De/Aus) and Daniel Skornicka (De).

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